About Ozark Water and Air Services:

Deep in the heart of the Ozark Mountains, nestled in the sleepy little town of Sulphur Springs, Arkansas, you will find a gray stone, two-story building. Within this structure you will find a busy group of people involved in the numerous tasks of the 20 year old company, Ozark Water Service and Air Services. The building includes a lab, offices, equipment work and storage areas, and a small retail store that offers herbs, supplements, and natural products in addition to Water and air products.

The owner, Warren Clough at eighty nine years “young” fills his day with activities such as phone consultations, radio shows, overseeing and conducting water and air tests. Mary Clough, Warren’s wife of over 60 years, works alongside him with bookkeeping, billing and payroll. Margie Riley, secretary, manages shipping, assists customer calls, correspondence, bulk mailings, and runs the small retail shop. Susan Buckner rebuilds water units prepares invoices and confers with customers. When it’s time for a bulk mailing to the company’s 10,000 customer database, it’s all hands on deck.

Our Mission is to provide individuals with information about air and water purity, their importance to health, and to supply individually appropriate products and services related to improving the air and water they are exposed to.

Our Purpose as a consulting service is to answer questions on air and water pollution problems and to provide remediation equipment for homes and other environments.

Our Goal: You will have clean air and water in your homes and for daily consumption.

We offer these tests measurements for toxins in homes and offices:

  • » Water Tests
  • » Electromagnetic Fields
  • » Microwave Ovens
  • » Molds
  • » Lead
  • » Pesticides
  • » Radiation
  • » Radon

You can learn more about how air and water purity benefit your family now by contacting our office.

Contact Our Office:

114 Spring Street PH: 800-835-8908 (USA)479-298-3483 (AR)
Sulphur Springs, AR 72768
Hours: M-F, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM