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warren_clough2-150x1501Warren Clough & Pure Water: Warren Clough is a pioneer in water purification. His interest in health comes from his deep belief that God has given us each a body, and that body is a temple for God’s spirit to work through us. Further, he believes, if we keep our body clean, clear and pure as possible, then we can best allow God to work through us. There are three essential substances we must take in for life of our physical body: air, water and food. Warren has made it his life’s work to study nutrition, air purity, and water. He has always shared freely his ongoing discoveries and truth with his family, friends, community, and all he can reach through conferences, radio talk shows, letters and referrals.

With degrees in chemistry and religion, Warren, began researching and testing water purity in the early 1960s. His concern over pollution from industry and farming practices drove his research. The practice of chlorination and fluoridation of public water in purification plants was suspect as well.

Initially carbon filtration and flocculation systems were used to remove unwanted and disease producing contaminants. Mr. Clough spent many nights in his basement lab, after long days working in the Shiloh Farms health food distribution business, to test water purity and to find the best methods for purifying water. Once reverse osmosis was discovered in 1969, Warren began sharing information about “The Marvel of Modern Reverse Osmosis.” He was instrumental in providing pure water not only for his family, but also his community.

When Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring hit bookstores in 1962, Warren like others took its warnings about pollution seriously. While most watched Ed Sullivan, Warren spent his evenings in research and experimentation.  Today Mr. Clough uses the best air testing tools and offers the most effective air filters for homes that his extensive searching has found.

Warren Clough & Pure Food:  In the early 1960s, as a part of the Shiloh Farms Community, Mr. Clough encouraged and pioneered the transition of the Shiloh Farms Bakery and the communities own gardens and meal preparation to natural and organic. The use of refined sugars and flours was eliminated as whole grains and natural sweeteners took their place. Only natural gardening methods were used and the community distribution of natural foods grew from baked goods, to a whole line of grains, produce, beans, meats, and other foodstuffs. His personal use of food which is “as God made it” combined with pure water and air has kept Warren going strong, working long hours throughout his entire life.

A Personal Note: Warren Clough continues his work to this day. His religious beliefs strengthen him as do his healthy practices. His love for serving God and others keeps him at his life’s work of providing pure air, water, and other products which supplement pure living.  Mr. Clough’s devoted wife and lifelong partner, Mary, works alongside him in business. Warren and Mary have three grown children; Martha, John and Paul. John is the President and owner of Garden Spot Distributors in New Holland Pennsylvania. Martha and Paul both work with John in distribution of natural foods, which includes the Shiloh Farms Bakery line of whole grain breads, as well as gluten free products from Europe.

Though 89, Warren is in his office Monday through Saturday. Together with his wife Mary and a small staff in Sulphur Springs, Arkansas, they provide products services for anyone who writes or calls Ozark Water and Air Services. And yes, you can call and personally talk to Warren, and benefit from his years of research and experience. He considers one on one consultation to help you find exactly what you need of utmost importance. 1-800-835-8908.

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