Chlorine Kills Germs Fast And People Slowly

baby-bathwaterOver the past couple of decades, we have started to see an increase in the occurrence of cancers especially in our children. We have long suspected that much of this increase is due to our growing exposure to toxic chemicals and pollutants. Researchers from the National Cancer Institute have traced some of the problem to the long term consumption and absorption of chlorinated water.

In view of the changes made recently in some areas of the United States wherein some locations just put in chlorine. While other places add ammonia which together produce Chloramines. The only way to know what is in your water for sure is to call your water company and ask.

The Whole House Dechlorination System that we offer will take care of either situation. It is a wonderful system once plumbed into your water lines it will last up to 5 years before a refill is needed. These gac filters contain high porosity bituminous coal for absorption. These small pore sites (down to a millionth of an inch) greatly increase the surface area of over 1 square mile

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