Nature’s Spring Counter Top Reverse Osmosis Unit


Why is this counter top R/O (Reverse Osmosis) unit any different from any other counter top purification system offered today? It has the largest R/O membrane we have found in any similar unit, therefore it is very high in efficiency.  It has low initial cost and low annual maintenance cost. All water filters plug up and wear out in time so we have developed the R.O.P.E. test so we can measure the efficiency of your unit and replace only the filters that need replacing.

The 3 stages of the classic NS RO water filter system are:

Stage 1: The water first enters a 5 micron pre-filter which filters out the sediment and particles to protect the RO membrane.

Stage 2: The large semi-permeable reverse osmosis membrane that efficiently remove dissolved solids such as iron ,lead, cadmium, and volatile chemicals such as chlorine and fluorine and their by-products.

Stage 3: The last filter is a solid-block activated carbon filter that removes traces of pollutants.

This counter top unit is very versatile.  It can be effectively used in the kitchen, laundry, or garage (if it never freezes).  Since this is a self cleaning R/O membrane filter there is runoff water from the process.  This comes out the white tube and can go down the drain, fill your wash machine, collect in container for garden or lawn watering, etc..  You can easily take this on vacation or trips and connect it to water faucets using adapters included.
You can trust and be assured that the water from your faucet will be converted to the purest water available today with the Nature’s Spring RO unit.


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