RO Pure Water System Pump


Our R/O super quiet pumps are used in homes with low water pressure. Typical homes with low water pressure may be in towns, small cities, homes located on hills above the water towers, and wells. The R/O pure water system works best with at least 60 PSI. These can also be used to recycle the RO run-off water in the R/O self-clean process. Quick connect couplings make connection easy.

This pump boosts the water pressure going into the R/O system providing several advantages:

1. Higher pressure maximizes the efficiency of the R/O Semi permeable membrane to allow only H2O (pure water) and Oxygen to pass thru
2. More contaminants are rejected
3. Flow rate is greatly increased
4. Components last longer
5. Less run-off water is wasted

No GFI outlet is needed since the power transformer steps down the 120V to 12V D.C. This eliminates electrical danger.



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