The Water Factory Advanced Water Purification


The world’s most advanced purification technologies in a compact, convenient package for all of your drinking and cooking needs.  Give your family the clean, healthful and fresh-tasting water they deserve with a Water Factory Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Appliance.


Clean, refreshing, great-tasting water at your fingertips…not from the bottle.  It is easily connected to your refrigerator ice maker & cold water tap.

Superior Effectiveness

Reverse Osmosis combined with premium Activated Carbon technology reduces up to 99% of unwanted impurities and eliminates bad taste and odors for sparkling clear water.

Total Treatment

Multiple advanced filtration technologies provide complete treatment of chlorine, taste and odors, dissolved solids, cysts, sodium and heavy metals in your drinking water.

NSF International Certified and listed

Quality and performance tested by an independent, nationally recognized laboratory for your complete confidence.

Engineered to meet the demands of today’s household needs and family lifestyles, the Water Factory Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Appliance combines the latest in contemporary styling with compact, high performance design.

This system consists of:

  1. An optional premium performance graded density prefilter – primarily for well water that removes sediment, dirt and other particles
  2. High efficiency activated carbon prefilter that reduces chlorine and other unpleasant tastes and odors
  3. Reverse Osmosis technology semi-permeable membrane to divert dissolved salts, metals, chemicals, micro-organisms and other impurities to the drain.
  4. High purity carbon postfilter that polishes water to ensure fresh tasting crystal clear water
  5. Incorporates a patented sanitary quick change bayonet mount cartridges that change easily without tools, spills or mess.
  6. Use an annual Ozark R.O.P.E. test determine when these filters need to be changed.


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