W.E.T.S. – Water Evaluation Testing Service For Well Water


Product Description

Water in America is increasingly more contaminated. This matter is of great concern to us, for keeping you happy and healthy in your own home is our mission.

Proudly, we have provided over 10,000 Reverse Osmosis water purification units; we are here to service and test these regularly. We also offer shower chlorine filters, de-chlorination systems, softeners, ultra-violet pathogen killers, bacteria test kits and air purifiers.

W.E.T.S. Our most popular service is the water evaluation testing kit; it assures the actual purity of your water supply. If you currently use a water filter, it measures its efficiency. The kit includes two empty bottles for water samples. You fill one bottle from your tap (city water or private well) and the other from the filtered water.

We have recently added a free chlorine test to this kit that you can do in your own home. As soon as you return the water sample test kit; we analyze your water and return the results quickly. We measure the Iron, total dissolved solids, Hardness, pH, Nitrates, and Chlorine in your water samples. This test set gives a very good indication of the efficiency of your water filter.

Thousands have used this test annually.


The W.E.T.S. (Water Evaluation Testing Service) involves sending water samples and costs only $20.00 plus shipping.  Please use our convenient contact form or Call us and we will send you the kit and instructions

For over 40 years Warren has:

  • * Studied intensively and contributed to scientific research
  • * Providing products and services
  • * Lecturing to groups at conferences and on radio shows
  • * Served as a consultant to individuals and corporations
  • * Conducted tests and quality measures

For more information on providing purified water to your family please use our convenient contact form or contact our office.


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