R.O.P.E. “Reverse Osmosis Proficiency Evaluation” Test

testubesReverse Osmosis (RO) units need servicing around once a year, just like you service a car or other machinery. R.O.P.E. stands for “Reverse Osmosis Proficiency Evaluation.” This test is really a series of tests which are conducted on tap water and filtered water samples to determine the overall efficiency of the membrane of an RO unit. There are several filters that your water passes through before it reaches the RO membrane. Over time these become filled with dirt particles and need cleaning. When they become clogged the water presser is reduced. As a result the RO membrane with its very small openings cannot work as well.

Ideal pressure (60 pounds per square inch) produces:

1) Maximum purity of the R/O water
2) Best flow
3) Longevity of the components


The R.O.P.E. Test (Reverse Osmosis Proficiency Evaluation Test) involves sending water samples and costs only $15.00 plus shipping. Ozark Water Service and Air Services technicians perform this test on ten determinations. Then we let you know if it is time to have your unit serviced. Please use our convenient contact form or Call us and we will send you the kit and instructions

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