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July 2012

Chlorine Kills Germs Fast And People Slowly

Over the past couple of decades, we have started to see an increase in the occurrence of cancers especially in our children. Researchers from the National Cancer Institute have traced some of the problem to the long term consumption and absorption of chlorinated water.

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July 2010

The Water Factory Advanced Water Purification

The world’s most advanced purification technologies in a compact, convenient package for all of your…

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November 2009

The Marvel Of R/O Water Filtration

The Marvel of Reverse Osmosis Of the three essentials of life, air, water, and food,…

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October 2009

Nature’s Spring Counter Top Reverse Osmosis Unit

Why is this counter top R/O (Reverse Osmosis) unit any different from any other counter…

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RO Pure Water System Pump

Our R/O super quiet pumps are used in homes with low water pressure. Typical homes…

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W.E.T.S. – Water Evaluation Testing Service

This is an easy way to get your water tested regularly so you know when to get your water filter serviced.

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The Ozark Washable PreFilter Assembly

An external prefilter extends the life of your pure water filtration system by filtering out debris in the water.

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April 2009

Water Contaminants

Pollution from industry, farming and human wastes all find their way into our water supply.

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March 2009

WATER EXECUTIVE Forum March 30-31, 2009

Water reuse, infrastructure, and the impact of the economic stimulus will be among topics addressed by speakers at this year’s WATER EXECUTIVE Forum in Philadelphia

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