Here is what clients have to say about Warren Clough and Ozark Water Service and Air Services:

From Maxine Schwartz:

maxine_schwartz1At 81, I know how important it is to stay healthy. Warren came to my home years ago and I’ve been drinking “RO” water ever since. I noticed a change in energy and in my skin. My children and grandchildren also use RO water filters from Ozark Water and Air. Mr. Clough really knows what he is talking about.

maxine_schwartz2Also, In 1987, Warren Clough introduced me to Barley Green. Two years ago I was a participant in an “AgeWise”  study at UPMC in Pittsburgh. They told me that I was the healthiest 79 year-old they had ever encountered and awarded me a certificate.  In addition to drinking pure water, I’d been taking BarleyGreen every day for 20 years; I told them those were the secrets to my health. There hasn’t been a single touch of headache, cold, sore throat, ear ache, nosebleed or any such common ailments. I’m also free of heart disease, hypertension, or any chronic illness.  Thank you Warren and Mary Clough for helping me to be healthy for so long. ~ Maxine Schwartz