Dechlorination Equipment for Whole House Application

In years gone by, a single 10″ or 20″ carbon cartridge filter was put in line but never did last very long. The former short carbon type was not deep enought in 10 or 20 inches to remove the polyvinyl chloride PVC effluents from the PVC or CPVC plastic water pipes that are used in most every house in America now. All PVC plastic items are banned in Germany for isntance, but not in the United States where most of this poisonous PVC material is made.

This new carbon unit is made so that it is not only larger but back-flushes every week repositioning every carbon particle so that no channeling of the water can take place in the carbon bed. This has the amazing result that the carbon bed will be useful for up to 5 years instead of a few months. Thus no refills or changes are necessary every few months as with a standard rigid carbon filter which we used to provide. The exact number of useful years depends on how much chlorine the city puts in your water which depends usually on the number of miles between your home and the chlorine source building. (1/2 mile or up toe 20 or 40 miles.)

In view of the changes made recently in some areas of the United States wherein some locations provide chlorine in the water and some by law provide now chloramines in the water. Chloramines are a combination of chlorine and ammonia and require a much more powerful and more expensive carbon to remove them. That is why we must know which type of Whole House System you would prefer before we fill your order. Call your water company.

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